What's YOUR patient's perspective?


What you don't know can, and will, hurt you

Baird Group's Medical Mystery Shopping is the voice of the customer. Our trained and certified "mystery shoppers" anonymously observe and evaluate the patient experience.

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Baird Group's Medical Mystery Shopping takes the deep dive. Shoppers document what they see, hear, think, and feel when interacting with your organization. The data collected creates a burning platform for change within your organization.

Baird Group Methods

Phone Calls

Our mystery shopper places calls to your office or department and score their calls.


Posing as a friend or family member of a patient, our mystery visitor gathers important first impressions.

Patient Visits

Our mystery patient presents with symptoms of a non-emergent nature using a pre-determined scenario. They provide feedback on the entire experience.

Paired Patient Visits

Our medical mystery shopper pairs with an existing patient scheduled for an appointment. The shopper poses as a friend or family member to observe the patient experience in detail from start to finish.

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Ethnography: Care Partner Observation

Baird Group offers a deep-dive assessment of your inpatient services through a method called ethnography.

Let Baird Group take the mystery out of YOUR patient experience

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